Payments and Benefits

We pay on publication. The fee for an article depends on the following factors and some internal criteria:

– the technical level

– the size of an article

– used technologies

We announce the final fee only after we know the details about the article, which you can find on the Write For Us page. However, you can calculate the approximate price of your article based on the following prices. Please note that we reserve the right to set a separate price for each particular article.

  • Level 150 article – the price is fixed – $100
  • Level 200 article – the price is about – $150
  • Level 300 article – the price is about – $250
  • Level 400 article – discussed individually

However, you can offer your rates and we will kindly consider them.

What extra benefits will you get as an author?

– Promotion of your article in social networks and IT related resources

– Free single Devart license for any product (one license per published article)

– A featured section in Codingsight and Devart digests



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