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Codingsight article query

Before to publish an article in Codingsight, you need to know the following:

  1. Submit the article query to marketing@devart.com.
  2. The email subject line should be “Codingsight Article Query“. As part of that email, we need the following information:
    • A tentative title for the proposed article.
    • A concise and informative blurb (2-3 sentences) for the article.
    • A brief description of the topic.
    • Two or three takeaways that developers will get after reading the article.
    • The intended scope of the article (e.g. Web applications, application architecture, database programming, etc.)
    • Technologies discussed together with their versions.
    • bio. Two to four sentences long. Emphasize your work with the subject matter about which you are writing. Include a reference to your blog or website.
    • A list of published articles, if any.
    • Whether you have previously published on Codingsight.
  3. The preferable technical level of the article to be submitted must be at least 200. We kindly ask you to assess your article and to specify the expected technical level in an email.

Typical article length is between 1,500 and 4,000 words (not including code samples). We will review your proposal and give you an answer in a timely manner.

To increase your chances of having your proposal accepted, consider the following:

  • Relevance. Original, creative solutions to common problems have better chances than proposals whose applicability is narrowed by a set of particular constraints.
  • Takeaways. It is important to highlight what practical, applicable knowledge readers will have after reading your piece.
  • Brevity and clarity. Make your query stand out by keeping it tightly written and clear.
  • Exclusivity. We publish original works that have not been previously made public. It is possible to write an article based on your previous blog posts. However, the text should not be a verbatim reproduction of that blog entry. If the story has appeared, in part or completely, somewhere else, we will reject it.
  • Writing Experience. We do not reject queries from unpublished authors.

Payment and benefits

  1. We pay on publication. If you plagiarize something in your article, or it is so poorly written that it is not salvageable, for example, you will not get paid. There is no standard fee. Payment is determined individually.
  2. We promote your article through social networks, with a brief info about you and a link to your own blog in a byline.
  3. You get licenses for any Devart products: one license for a published article.
  4. A featured section for your article in our digest.
  5. You can choose an Amazon gift voucher instead of the royalty.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.



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