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Codingsight is open for new contributors and partnership proposals. Send your offers and ideas to marketing@devart.com and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.


We have some requirements as to the articles we publish on our resource and kindly ask you to follow them when offering or writing an article:

– The preferable technical level of the article should be at least 200, however in some cases, we may consider articles with a lower technical level

– The typical length is between 1,500 and 4,000 words (not including code samples)

– An article should relate to databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Azure, as well as to Microsoft and cloud technologies

If you have any other topics for the articles, we will readily consider them.

Article Query

We cooperate with authors in the following way. Firstly, we ask an author to send us the description of an article. Then we agree on the fee and after that, a contributor starts working on the article.

Therefore, we request the following details about the article you would like to write:

– A tentative title

– A brief description of the topic

– Two or three takeaways that readers will get after reading the article

– The intended scope of the article (e.g. web applications, application architecture, database programming, etc.)

Technologies mentioned in the article together with their versions

Besides, we ask you to notify us whether you were previously published or have a personal blog.


To increase the chances of your proposal to be accepted, please consider the following:

Relevance. Original, creative solutions to common problems have better chances than proposals whose applicability is narrowed by a set of particular constraints.

Takeaways. It is important to highlight what practical, applicable knowledge readers will get after reading your piece.

Brevity and clarity. Make your article stand out by keeping it tightly written and clear.

Uniqueness. We publish only original works that have not been previously made public. We do not mind if you send us an article on the topic you have previously published in other resources. Nevertheless, the text should not be a verbatim reproduction of that publication.


We pay on publication. The fee for an article depends on the following factors and some internal criteria:

– The technical level

– The size of an article

– Used technologies

We announce the final fee only after we know the details about the article. However, you can offer your rates and we will kindly consider them.

What extra benefits will you get as an author?

– Promotion of your article in social networks and IT related resources

– Free single Devart license for any product (one license per published article)

– A featured section in Codingsight and Devart digests



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