Database administation

Restoring Sample DW Database AdventureWorksDW2019

14:02 Database administation

Sometimes, we need a sample database that has all the required objects along with a large set of...
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What is SQL Server? (Definition, Versions, Editions)

16:37 Database administation, Database development

Excited? That’s how it feels to learn a new skill on your first day. It can also feel a bit overwhelming. You have lots of questions. You...
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Overview of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Features

11:33 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure

SQL Server provides SQL Server developers and administrators with dedicated client tools for day-to-day usage. Namely, they are SQL Server...
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Stored Procedure to Get Server Storage Information in Server

11:24 Database administation, Memory Optimization

As popular as the cloud services are nowadays, there’s still a good chunk of on-premises...
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The Importance of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

07:56 Database administation, Tools & technologies, Work with data

Any SQL Server DBA, Developer, or end-user always needs a client tool to connect to SQL Server and access its features. In this article, we...
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Machine Learning {.NET} Image Classification

06:05 Automation, Database administation

One of the best scenes from Silicon Valley is Jian Yang demoing his “Hotdog, not hotdog” application. In this article, we will build...
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How to Read and Interpret SQL Errors

07:30 Troubleshooting Issues

Error codes in SQL are generated by the server to provide information about what has gone wrong....
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Workplace Encounters: Reclaiming Space from an Oversized Database

04:37 Database administation, Memory Optimization

INTRODUCTION This document records steps, scripts, and ideology behind the maintenance performed on a production database between 22nd...
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Reset the Root Password of MySQL on Windows

12:20 Database administation, Security

When we install MySQL on Windows, we usually specify the password of the root user. This helps keep the MySQL Server secured. Suppose you...
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Understanding SQL Server Security Function HAS_Permis_BY_Name and Its USE Cases

09:45 Database administation, Security

There are multiple instances when we want to check the permission on a securable for a principal....
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