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Prashanth Jayaram

Database Technologist, Author, Blogger, Automation Expert, Technet WIKI Ninja, and Powershell Geek. Prashanth is currently working as a DB Manager.

“I love writing for Codingsight. It is a great experience. The editors provide a good revision and are extremely kind. Their direct honest feedback and great support for improving my writing were invaluable. I like the way I was encouraged to ask more questions and motivated to write quality articles. All the time, I can’t wait to start writing the new article. The support team is super-fast and superb!”

Esat Erkeç

SQL Server Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Most of his career has focused on SQL Server Database Administration and Development.

“Codingsight offers a fantastic experience for database administrators to share their knowledge. They are always ready for cooperation and assistance. Codingsight is excellent to learn new technologies from experts because you can find a lot of unique content.”

Ahmad Yaseen

Microsoft Certified Professional with a good experience in SQL server development, administration, performance tuning, monitoring and high availability and disaster recovery technologies.

“Being a database administrator, database developer or BI specialist, Codingsight is the best reference where you can find valuable information about all new technologies and the solution for your problems. Writing with Codingsight is a special experience that has its unique taste. All the community members are kind, starting from the coordinator who receives the article and the editor who reviews it, to the publisher who posts the article on the site in the best shape. It is worth spending time on drawing the new things we learnt in the articles and sharing this knowledge in the Codingsight platform, where it will reach a large number of interested readers from all over the world. Be tuned for everything new in our pack!”

Kenneth Igiri

Kenneth Igiri is a Database Administrator. He has over eight years’ experience with SQL Server and Oracle databases as well as related technologies. His interests include database performance, HADR, and Cloud.

“I have enjoyed writing for CodingSight for the last few months. The writing process is very rewarding and I really appreciate the responsiveness of the staff to communication. The process of submitting articles is fairly easy. I was also impressed by the thoroughness of the article reviews before they were published, it gives some level of confidence if the quality of what is being published. In addition, looking through other authors’ articles, I have been personally educated and challenged to learn more about SQL Server.”