Author: Haroon Ashraf

Haroon's deep interest in logic and reasoning at an early age of his academic career paved his path to become a data professional. He began his professional life as a computer programmer more than 10 years ago working on his first data venture to migrate and rewrite a public sector database driven examination system from IBM AS400 (DB2) to SQL Server 2000 using VB 6.0 and Classic ASP along with developing reports and archiving many years of data. His work and interest revolves around Database-Centric Architectures and his expertise include database and reports design, development, testing, implementation and migration along with Database Life Cycle Management (DLM).

Jump to Start Test-Driven Database Development (TDDD)

Database development

As a rule, we start to develop database solutions by creating database objects, such as tables,...
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Art of Isolating Dependencies and Data in Database Unit Testing

Database administation, Database development, Testing, Work with data

All the database developers more or less write database unit tests that not only help in detecting bugs early but also save a lot of time...
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The Art of Aggregating Data in SQL from Simple to Sliding Aggregations

Database administation, Work with data

Let us start our SQL journey to understand aggregating data in SQL and types of aggregations including simple and sliding aggregations....
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