How to Create a Table with Multiple Foreign Keys and Not Get Confused

08:52 Constraints, Database development, Tables

Understanding Table Relations SQL server adds foreign keys to implement relations between tables in...
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SQL FOREIGN KEY CONSTRAINT: The Ultimate, Easy Guide for Newbies

13:06 Constraints, Database development

Newbie? Then an SQL foreign key may be foreign to you. You may have heard different opinions about SQL foreign keys. If you haven’t, soon...
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The Difference Between Primary Key And Unique Key

22:28 Constraints, Database development

“What is the difference between a primary key constraint and a unique key constraint?” This is probably the most frequently-asked job...
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SQL Server Bulk Insert – Part 2

10:09 Constraints, Database development, Triggers

In the previous part of this article, we discussed how to import CSV files to SQL Server with the...
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Difference Between Inline and Out-of-Line Constraints

13:52 Constraints, Database development

Constraints on tables and columns allow you to enforce the data quality. In SQL, there are two ways of creating constraints on a...
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Counting references to a record in a table via Foreign Keys

08:27 Constraints, Database development

I have recently needed to solve the task for my own purpose: to calculate the number of external records linked by a foreign key for each...
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Insight into SQL Server Unique Constraints

11:05 Constraints, Database development

What are unique key constraints? A unique constraint is a rule that restricts column entries to...
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CHECK Constraints in SQL Server

15:29 Constraints, Database development

In this article, we will talk about CHECK constraints. We will see how to add CHECK constraints to SQL Server table columns and discuss the...
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