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What dangers can the update of .Net 4.6.1 to .Net 4.6.2 hide?

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding

In this article, I would like to share a solution of unexpected problem occurred in one of the...
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More about Introduction of Time zones in long-lived Project

Database administration, Troubleshooting Issues • 3 Comments

Some time ago, we started to adapt the system to the new market that requires support for time zones. Initial research was described in the...
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Events and Threads in .NET

Database development, Events

I’d like to tell you straight off that this article will concern not threads in particular, but events in the context of threads in...
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Simplifying Converters for WPF

Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • 3 Comments

I have been working with WPF for about a year and some things annoying me very much. One of such...
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OdataToEntity – an easy way to create .Net Core OData services

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding

When .Net Core was released, the old version of OData ASP.NET Web API turned out to be incompatible with the new platform. This fatal flaw...
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Eliminating Duplication of Where Expressions in Application

Database development, Statements

Assume you have products and categories. A client says that it is necessary to use other business processes for the categories with the...
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Hangfire: Task Scheduler for .NET

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

Hangfire is a multi-threaded and scalable task scheduler built on client-server architecture on...
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Entity Framework: Improving Performance when Saving Data to Database

Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 4 Comments

When adding or modifying a large number of records (10³ and more), the Entity Framework performance is far from perfect. The reasons are...
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Entity Framework 6: Extensions You Might Be Unaware Of

Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

Entity Framework 6 was and still remains a ‘workhorse’ for data access incorporate. NET-based applications primarily because of...
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Comparing Objects by Value. Part 2. Implementation Notes of the Equals Method

Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

In the previous article, we have reviewed a general concept of implementing a minimum set of...
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