The Stored Procedure to Get the Instance Settings

SQL Server instances house databases containing the data for the backend stack of a business model, or configuration data for particular applications. Regardless of the use case, an instance has a set of values/settings that should be tuned to follow best practices.

The purpose of the Stored Procedure that I’m showcasing in this article is to present the DBA a set of important settings/values that shouldn’t be overlooked. Moreover, I will share a cool feature that help DBAs keep control of any particular setting/value that has been recently changed/modified.

CodingSight - The Stored Procedure to Get the Instance Settings/Values
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How to Protect MySQL Databases from Ransomware Campaigns

MySQL is known for being easy to use and highly secure. That’s why it is the number one choice for many organizations, including the biggest brands like Facebook, Google, Uber, and YouTube. Because it’s open-source, it’s free to use and modify even for commercial purposes. But although it can be very secure, the security features are not always utilized properly.

Cybercriminals are good at finding ways to exploit the masses. Ransomware attacks have penetrated everything from cities, schools, and hospitals to large and small businesses. Victims are tricked to allow malicious programs into their systems where those programs lock files until getting ransom. Organizations of all kinds that use MySQL and other database management systems are at risk of attacks.

CodingSight - How to Protect MySQL Databases from Ransomware Campaigns
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MySQL and MariaDB Backup and Restore Strategy with Best Practices

A vital part of preventing any kind of data loss in any situation is having appropriate backup and recovery policies. It is also essential to ensure data recovery at any point in time of the application workflow life cycle. Both MySQL and MariaDB offer solutions for these cases. This article will explore the existing options and procedures of how to backup MySQL Database and MariaDB as well as recovery strategies.

CodingSight - Successful MySQL/MariaDB Backup and Recovery Strategies
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How to install MySQL Server on Ubuntu 18.04 in 2 Different Ways

This article will present the step-by-step installation process of the MySQL server on Ubuntu. For demonstration purposes, I created a virtual machine using Oracle VM virtual box and set up Ubuntu 18.04 on the virtual box. I’d recommend you referring to the article Creating a Virtual Machine with Oracle VM Virtual Box for a better understanding of the installing process and creating a virtual machine on Oracle VM virtual box. Also, you may turn to the article How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 for more information about installing Ubuntu 18.04 on the virtual machine.

CodingSight - A Quick Guide on Installing MySQL on Ubuntu
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How to Create and Deploy Azure Database for MySQL Server using Azure Portal and Workbench

This article describes the step-by-step deployment process of the Azure Database for MySQL Server.

Open the Azure portal and log in using the appropriate credentials. Note: For demonstration purposes, I got a pay-as-you-go subscription to Microsoft Azure. For more information about the Azure MySQL pricing model and various Azure subscriptions, refer to Subscriptions, licenses, accounts, and tenants for Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

CodingSight - Understanding the Process of an Azure Database Deployment on MySQL
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