Mastering the Use of Stoplists With SQL Server Full-Text Search (FTS)

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Creating and managing stoplists serves as one of the main components responsible for improving the Full-Text Search performance alongside reducing the size of the index. This article aims to help you master the job in-depth and implement multiple strategies to create stoplists on simple but interesting examples.

We’ll also highlight the importance of different methods to generate stoplists and clarify how to choose the most suitable method.

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How to use Stopwords and Stoplist to improve SQL Server Full-Text Search (FTS)

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The current article is about Stopwords and Stoplist usage. The aim is to make Full-Text Search more efficient in terms of storage and performance. Additionally, the readers of this article will get a walkthrough of implementing Full-Text Search with Stopwords and Stoplist.

The article also highlights the importance of Stopwords and Stoplist(s) to keep the Full-Text Search precise and avoid noise words.

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Learn to Store and Analyze Documents on Windows File System with SQL Server Semantic Search – Part 1

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The article examines storing unstructured data using native windows directory structure and managing it through the SQL Server database. Subsequently, we demonstrate how to perform comparative analysis with the help of Semantic Search in order to get valuable information out of the data. Additionally, you are going to get some hands-on experience of storing and linking documents on Windows File System and using Semantic Search.

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How to Use Semantic Search in SQL Server

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This article deals with the basics of Semantic Search, including a complete walkthrough of Semantic Search: starting from scratch and finishing with a ready-to-use feature.

Additionally, the readers are going to learn about some of the very useful but not generally known Search features available in SQL Server like Semantic Search, which we’ll demonstrate with some basic examples.

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Implementing Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2016 for Advanced Users

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This article tells about advanced methods of Full-Text Search usage for data professionals. It enables better search experience in their day-to-day database analysis.

Additionally, the readers will get beyond basic knowledge of Full-Text Search and its implementation. You will see the importance of advanced searching methodology using Full-Text Search to get quick and reliable results.


First, let’s go through prerequisites since the article is focused on advanced uses of Full-Text Search.

T-SQL Know-How

The article assumes that to implement the walk-through(s), the readers are familiar with writing and running T-SQL scripts against databases with a basic understanding of SQL Server. Read More

Implementing Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2016 for beginners

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This article talks about the full-text search and its implementation for the beginners to get started.

Additionally, the readers will know the important things to make the full-text search work properly.

This article also highlights the importance of using Full-Text Search to match text patterns and meet similar sorts of requirements.

About Full-Text Search

Let’s understand the Full-Text Search with the help of definitions.

Simple Definition

Full-Text Search is used to optimally search character-based data for quick answers.

Microsoft Definition

Full-Text Search in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database (cloud version of SQL database) let users and applications run full-text queries against character-based data in SQL Server tables. Read More