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SQL Server Transactional Replication Issues

Database administation, Perfomance Tuning, Transaction Log, Troubleshooting Issues

We started talking about SQL Server Transactional Replication issues earlier. Now, we are going to...
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A Simple Use Case for Indexes on Primary Keys

Database administation, Database development, Indexes, Perfomance Tuning, SQL Server • 3 Comments

Introduction Recently we encountered an interesting performance problem on one of our SQL Server databases that process transactions at a...
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Top 3 Tips You Need to Know to Write Faster SQL Views

Database development, Views

Friend or foe? SQL Server views have been a subject of heated debates when I was in my first year using SQL Server. They said it was bad...
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How CTE Can Aid In Writing Complex, Powerful Queries: A Performance Perspective

Database development, Perfomance Tuning, Tables, Work with data

We often see poorly written complex SQL queries running against a table or tables in databases....
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How To Create SQL Trace To Capture SQL Server Events

Database administation, Database development, Events, Perfomance Tuning

Facing an SQL Server performance issue, you need to identify the source of that performance problem fast. Therefore, a tool for tracking...
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Workplace Encounters: Reclaiming Space from an Oversized Database

Database administation, Memory Optimization

INTRODUCTION This document records steps, scripts, and ideology behind the maintenance performed on a production database between 22nd...
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SQL Server Lock Escalation

Database administation, Work with data

Introduction Relational databases follow the ACID properties in how they implement transactions –...
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Update SQL Server statistics using a database maintenance plan

Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure

Database backups, integrity checks, and performance optimizations are core regular tasks of DBAs. The client data is very important for a...
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Overview of Data Compression in SQL Server

Database administation, Work with data

The database is a critical and vital part of any business or organization.  The growing trends predict that 82% of enterprises expect...
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How to Test Azure Web Application Performance through Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio

Azure, Cloud, Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

Before deploying your application into production, doing a performance load test is imperative for...
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