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Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server: 5 Best Practices to Boost Queries Performance

Database administration, Database development, Performance Tuning, Statements

What is query optimization in SQL Server? It’s a big topic. Each technique or problem needs a...
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9 Best Practices for Writing SQL Queries

Database administration, Database development, MySQL, Oracle, Performance Tuning, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Statements

If you are reading this article, most probably, you are already familiar with SQL. You know how to write basic SQL queries. There are many...
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Virtual Columns and Functional Indexes

Database development, Indexes, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tables

Much too often, we see poorly written complex SQL queries running against the database tables. Such queries may take a very short or a very...
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SQL Server Indexes Management Using Index Manager for SQL Server

Database development, Indexes, Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

SQL Server Index Overview When talking about SQL Server performance tuning and queries enhancement,...
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3 Nasty I/O Statistics That Lag SQL Query Performance

Database administration, Performance Tuning • One Comment

“But it ran fine on our development server!” How many times did I hear it when SQL query performance issues occurred here and there? I...
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Parameter Sniffing Primer

Database development, Stored Procedures

Introduction Developers are often told to use stored procedures in order to avoid the so-called ad hoc queries which can result in...
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Auto Create Statistics and Auto Update Statistics

Languages & Coding, SSMS, T-SQL, Tools & technologies

Statistics comprises lightweight objects that are used by SQL Server Query optimizer to determine...
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Database development, Statements

In this article, we’ll look into the “APPLY” operator and its variations – CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY along with examples of...
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Essentials and usage of NOLOCK hint in SQL Server

Database administration, Security

The main idea of the SQL Server locking mechanism is that it controls the consistency of transactions. According to this principle, if a...
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Query Store: Showing the Impact of Indexes on Inserts

Database development, Indexes

Introduction It is common knowledge in database circles that indexes improve query performance...
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