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How to Capture and Analyze SQL Server Events

Database development, Events

When working as a SQL Server database administrator, you should have the skills to dive deeply into...
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10 Best MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL, Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

MySQL is among most widely-used and popular database technologies, so quite a lot of tools have been created in order to make the processes...
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.NET – Tools for working with multithreading and asynchrony – Part 2

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Tools & technologies

This article comprises the second part of my speech at the multithreading meetup. You can have a look at the first part here. In the first...
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How to Document Your SQL Server Database

Database development, Visual Studio

The process of documenting a SQL Server database is a complete and continuous process that should...
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.NET: Tools for working with multi-threading and asynchrony – Part 1

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Tools & technologies

The need to do things in an asynchronous way – that is, dividing big tasks between multiple working units – was present long before the...
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How to Automate the Process of SQL Server Database Schema Synchronization

Automation, Database administration, PowerShell

The goal Keeping two databases in sync is a task we often encounter when working on SQL database development and maintenance. One...
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How to Write T-SQL Queries Like a Pro

Languages & Coding, T-SQL

The skills of writing different types of SQL Server queries require you to have good knowledge in...
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Creating and Deploying Multiple Versions of Database through Schema Snapshots

Database administration, Database Optimization & Structure

Overview This article talks about using database schema snapshots to maintain different versions of a database to be deployed to different...
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Using Working Folder to Source Control Database

Database development, Source control

This article is a walkthrough of how to use the working folder option of source control for managing SQL Server databases. In this article,...
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How to Generate Test Data in SQL Server

Database administration, Work with data

When testing the functionality of your application or the performance of a specific stored...
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