Oracle Performance Tuning: Tips, Tricks and Hidden Secrets


Ever wondered why Oracle Performance Tuning is so thrilling for budding Oracle developers and...
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Best FREE SQL Server Tools for Database Developers and Administrators!

Tools & technologies • One Comment

This article has recently been extensively revised. In particular, we reworked the article structure, and navigation, and updated...
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SQL Multiple Joins – How to Join Tables the Easy-Breezy Way 

Database development, SQL Server

Have you ever found yourself tangled in the web of SQL multiple joins?  Don’t sweat it – we’ve all been there. Think of it like...
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MySQL Foreign Key – How to Relate Tables Without Freaking Out 


Have you ever felt like a puzzle piece that won’t fit, especially about MySQL foreign keys? ...
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Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities in Azure DevOps


This article explores various methods that can be used to reduce costs while using Azure DevOps. When you deploy an application on the...
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The MySQL ADD COLUMN Easy Guide: How to Make New Table Columns Without the Oops 

MySQL, Tables

Have you made a rookie mistake when you add or insert a new column in your MySQL table?  “But what’s the big deal? Adding or...
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The SELECT INTO Temp Table Easy Guide: How to Manage Temporary Data Without Dismay       

SQL Server, Statements, Tables

Data processing may involve several steps. And it can be fun! But the fun ends when you access some...
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SQL Server PARTITION BY: A Beginner’s Lifesaver on How to Partition Datasets 

SQL Server, Work with data

Is SQL Server PARTITION BY clause giving you a brain freeze?  Beginners feel like entering a complex maze at first glance of code...
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T-SQL CHAR vs. VARCHAR: How to Store Text and Slash Query Time 

SQL Server, Work with data

Is it a big deal to choose between CHAR and VARCHAR? What if your choice between CHAR vs. VARCHAR results in a nightmare of query...
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SQL Server UPDATE from SELECT: How to Bulletproof Your Updates Like a Pro 

SQL Server, Statements

SQL Server UPDATE from SELECT is not your usual cup of tea on T-SQL. So, it’s time to level up...
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