Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities in Azure DevOps


This article explores various methods that can be used to reduce costs while using Azure DevOps....
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The MySQL ADD COLUMN Easy Guide: How to Make New Table Columns Without the Oops 

MySQL, Tables

Have you made a rookie mistake when you add or insert a new column in your MySQL table?  “But what’s the big deal? Adding or...
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The SELECT INTO Temp Table Easy Guide: How to Manage Temporary Data Without Dismay       

SQL Server, Statements, Tables

Data processing may involve several steps. And it can be fun! But the fun ends when you access some joined tables again and again. So, when...
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SQL Server PARTITION BY: A Beginner’s Lifesaver on How to Partition Datasets 

SQL Server, Work with data

Is SQL Server PARTITION BY clause giving you a brain freeze?  Beginners feel like entering a...
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T-SQL CHAR vs. VARCHAR: How to Store Text and Slash Query Time 

SQL Server, Work with data

Is it a big deal to choose between CHAR and VARCHAR? What if your choice between CHAR vs. VARCHAR results in a nightmare of query...
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SQL Server UPDATE from SELECT: How to Bulletproof Your Updates Like a Pro 

SQL Server, Statements

SQL Server UPDATE from SELECT is not your usual cup of tea on T-SQL. So, it’s time to level up your UPDATE skills. But with this, you...
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dbForge Edge: Your Best Universal Tool for Multidatabase Challenges

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tools & technologies

Handling several database management systems simultaneously is inevitable in working on multiple...
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How to Insert Multiple Rows in SQL Server Like a Hero DBA 

SQL Server

Hi there, newbie. Are you still using multiple INSERT statements to insert multiple rows in SQL Server?  Let me tell you today that...
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MySQL Copy Database: Make Clones Of Your Databases With Ease


MySQL copy database is handy when you need to make clones or duplicates of a MySQL database. These copies are good for backups in case of a...
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Power BI Star Schema: The Easy How-To Guide for Starters

Power BI

Do you want data analysis to be your cup of tea? That’s great because 2021 is a good year for...
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