Install SQL Server 2019 Ubuntu Linux Server Step by step

After exploring the processes of building a virtual machine to install Ubuntu Linux 18.04 there, and installing this OS in practice, we come to the primary goal. It is installing the SQL Server instance on our new Ubuntu Linux. If you don’t have the OS in question installed and configured yet, do it, following the step-by-step guideline in the previous article about installing Ubuntu 18.04 on a virtual machine. Now we can proceed to the task of installing SQL Server 2019 in that environment.

CodingSight - Installing Ubuntu on Linux
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Manage MDF Files in SQL Server 2019

An SQL Server database contains primary data files, secondary data files (optional), and transaction log files.

The primary and secondary datafiles contain tables, database objects, schema, and data.

The file extension of the primary database file is *.mdf, and the file extension of the secondary data file is *.ndf.

The transaction log files store all the changes made by the transactions (insert, update, and delete). If the SQL Server restarts unexpectedly or crashes, the database engine rolls the incomplete transaction back before the point of failure using the Transaction log file.

The extension of the transaction log file is *.ldf. You might want to refer to this article to understand the Transaction Log Files architecture.

In this article, I am going to explain how we can manage the database files (MDF files) in SQL Server 2019.

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SQL Server Express Edition: Installation, Benefits, and Limitations

The SQL Server Express edition is a free version of SQL Server 2019. You can use it to deploy small applications and websites and monitor the database mirroring instances. It also serves as a back-end of the third-party software. For example, if you plan to set up an SQL Server monitoring tool, and the data retention period does not exceed a week or two, you can use the Express edition to save the license cost.

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How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 and SQL Server 2019 on Linux

The previous article explained the creation of a virtual machine using Oracle VM Virtual machine. Now, we will learn how to install Ubuntu 18.04 and SQL Server 2019 on Linux.

Install Ubuntu Linux

First, we need an operating system ISO file. Once the file is downloaded, we mount it on a virtual disk drive:

Launch Oracle VM Virtual Machine Manager and right-click on LinuxSQL01. Then click Settings.

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SQL Server 2019 New Features

SQL Server 2019

Microsoft’s leading database is an essential tool, with in-cloud and on-premises versions providing incredible storage and analytic tools. It’s additionally turned into an essential application for data scientists, giving a structure to building and testing machine learning models. There is more in SQL Server, and the new release version can indicate where Microsoft thinks your data needs will go over the next few years.

Like all the previous versions, the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 latest version is also jam-packed with new features and capabilities. It will help organizations evaluate and test relational data with multiple integrations of various software. By creating a simplified view of data, users can have a comprehensive view of information.

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