Power BI

Working with Power BI Slicer

13:56 Business intelligence, Power BI

Power BI is a data analytics and interpretation tool developed by Microsoft. With Power BI, you can...
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How to Use Power BI Paginated Reports with Examples

08:44 Business intelligence, Power BI

In this article, you will see how to create paginated reports using the Power BI Report Builder tool from Microsoft. You will also see how...
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Working with Power BI Drill Through

04:43 Business intelligence, Power BI • One Comment

The Power BI Drill-through feature allows us to dig deeper into the data and get detailed information about a particular data entity....
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Learn to Use Time Intelligence in Power BI

11:05 Business intelligence, Power BI

Time intelligence is a smart way of analyzing time period-based data, such as sales according to...
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Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and Autonomous Database

11:52 Business intelligence, Power BI

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) is a fully managed and high-performance solution, turned and optimized for Data Warehouse workload....
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Centralized Data Modeling Using Power BI Templates

11:36 Business intelligence, Power BI • One Comment

The centralized data modeling approach is really helpful in many practical scenarios. This article focuses on achieving it using Power BI...
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Power BI Date Table Template Tutorial

10:24 Business intelligence, Power BI

What is the right way of using Date Templates in Power BI reports and dashboards? This article will...
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Power BI: How to Create Date Tables Using Dax Format Functions

14:32 Business intelligence, Power BI

To utilize the time intelligence built-in features and functions in Power BI reports, you can use multiple Date tables. This article is...
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Creating the Date Table in Power BI Desktop Using DAX Function

14:30 Business intelligence, Power BI

The time intelligence functions for the data models or databases running behind a Power BI report are really helpful. To make the most use...
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SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) – Traditional Tools and Technologies

12:15 Business intelligence, Power BI, Tools & technologies

If Business Intelligence (BI) is in your focus, you need two things to be a success. They are the...
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