Drop Temp Table in SQL Server and PostgreSQL

12:01 Database development, Statements, Tables

This article explains different ways to drop the temp table in SQL Server and PostgreSQL. As the...
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Guide for CTE in SQL Server

11:31 Database development, Tables

The Common Table Expression aka CTE in SQL Server provides a temporary result set in T-SQL. You can refer to it within a SQL Select, SQL...
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Different Ways to View Tables in MySQL Server

10:54 Database development, Tables

There are two primary methods to view the tables in MySQL: The MYSQL SHOW TABLES command. Querying the Information_schema.tables table. In...
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Stored Procedure to Delete Duplicate Records in SQL Table

13:32 Database development, Stored Procedures, Tables

Sometimes during our run as DBAs, we come up across at least one table that is loaded with...
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How to Create a Table with Multiple Foreign Keys and Not Get Confused

08:52 Constraints, Database development, Tables

Understanding Table Relations SQL server adds foreign keys to implement relations between tables in a relational database. A table can have...
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The Cartesian Product in SQL

10:33 Database development, Tables

Cartesian product in SQL is a term from the set theory of mathematics. However, we can also find this term in SQL database manuals. What...
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SQL DEFAULT Constraint to Insert Column with a Default Value to SQL Server Table

13:43 Database development, Tables

To insert data into a table having columns with default constraints, we can use the DEFAULT...
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3 Methods to Rebuild All Indexes for All Tables with T-SQL in SQL Server Database

12:36 Database development, Indexes, Languages & Coding, T-SQL, Tables

There are several methods of how to rebuild all indexes of all tables in SQL Server, among them: Using SQL Server maintenance plans. Using...
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4 Ways to Count Rows in SQL Server Table with Pros and Cons

11:36 Database development, Statements, Tables

Recently, I was working on a database performance improvement project. One stored procedure there was causing issues. In its code, a query...
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Understanding DROP TABLE Statement in SQL Server

16:38 Database development, Statements, Tables

The SQL Server DROP TABLE statement serves to drop the table from the database. This article will...
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