Tag: database administration

How to Download, Install and Restore AdventureWorks Database in SQL Server

Database administation

Sometimes, we need a sample database that has all the required objects along with a large set of...
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Large-Sized Database Management System: Design and Architect

Database development

A Database Management System is the information’s strongbox. We will attempt to design the Database Management System so that the...
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How to Create Data Flow in Oracle Analytics

Business intelligence, Oracle BI

The traditional approach to the transformation process (Extract, Load, Transform) requires that technical users get involved directly. They...
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Fundamentals of Managing Datafiles in SQL Server

Database administation, Work with data

Introduction Datafiles are physical objects that constitute the most important part of the database...
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Five Different Methods To Start, Stop, And Restart SQL Server Services

Tools & technologies

When we install the SQL Server, it also installs the following services: SQL Server database engine service to manage and access data in...
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3 Easy and Secure Ways to Make Users Run SSIS Packages

Business intelligence, SSIS

Have you ever come across a situation where you needed to make users run SSIS packages? This happens when the user is not comfortable with...
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Configure SQL Server Log Shipping

Database administation, Transaction Log

This article explains the step by step deployment process of the SQL Server Log shipping. It is the...
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Configure SQL Jobs in SQL Server using T-SQL

Code Management, Database development, Stored Procedures, T-SQL

SQL Server Agent is a component used for the database tasks automation. For instance, we need to perform Index maintenance on Production...
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Configure Database Mirroring in SQL Server

Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

Database mirroring is a SQL Server high availability solution provided by Microsoft, with the following components. Principal database...
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Deploying the first SQL to Azure Migration project with Azure Database Migration Service

Azure, Cloud

Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS) supports Schema and Data migration from different database...
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