Spark SQL – the Most Important Tool for a Big Data Engineer

10:44 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Understanding Spark SQL is extremely helpful for analyzing big data, especially when you’re...
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Entity Framework – Just a Few Clicks Away

09:01 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Entity Framework is an open-source object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for .NET applications. It let the developers work with data on...
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ASP.NET vs. PHP: the Best Framework for Web Development

14:33 ASP .NET CORE, Frameworks, Languages & Coding

The primary goal of web development teams is to deliver web applications with the best user experience, scalability, and sustainability....
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Generic Repository Pattern in Entity Framework

07:52 Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

A Repository mediates between the domain and data mapping layers, acting like an in-memory domain...
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Implementing OOP Inheritance in Classes that work with SQL and Entity Framework

12:49 Classes, Frameworks, Languages & Coding

This article is about creating a data model that would nicely fit SQL and contain “proper” OOP inheritance. I must say that I...
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Entity Framework: Improving Performance when Saving Data to Database

13:26 Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 4 Comments

When adding or modifying a large number of records (10³ and more), the Entity Framework performance is far from perfect. The reasons are...
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Entity Framework 6: Extensions You Might Be Unaware Of

09:05 Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

Entity Framework 6 was and still remains a ‘workhorse’ for data access incorporate....
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The origin of GetHashCode in .NET

10:18 ASP .NET CORE, Frameworks, Languages & Coding • One Comment

This article is devoted to the GetHashCode method and the GetHashCode implementation in the .NET Framework. The article also...
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SQL Server Unit Testing with tSQLt Framework

09:21 Frameworks, Languages & Coding, Testing

In this article, we will talk about the tSQLt framework — a free database unit testing framework for Microsoft SQL Server. You...
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