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Azure SQL Elastic Pool – Understanding and Creating

08:17 Azure, Cloud

Microsoft Azure offers many PAAS services for addressing the database requirements based on the...
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How to Connect to Azure SQL Database Securely

13:15 Azure, Cloud

As a database administrator, I started my journey in deploying managed SQL databases on the cloud, and I highly recommend deploying Azure...
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Deploying the first SQL to Azure Migration project with Azure Database Migration Service

09:08 Azure, Cloud

Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS) supports Schema and Data migration from different database technologies to the Azure platform. This...
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Introduction to Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS)

14:54 Azure, Cloud

Microsoft Azure platform provides an Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS) – a convenient...
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Deploying a Database on Azure SQL

13:14 Azure, Cloud

Introduction Azure SQL Database is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offered by Microsoft Azure. Hence, you need the Azure subscription to use...
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Basics of sys.dm_exec_requests

16:24 Database administation, Perfomance Tuning

Performance monitoring and troubleshooting in SQL Server is a vast topic. In SQL Server 2005, dynamic management views, also known as...
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Migrating SQL Server Database to Azure SQL (PaaS)

13:44 Azure, Cloud

In this article, we will highlight SQL Server Data migration to Azure SQL (PaaS).  You can...
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Choosing Azure SQL Purchase Model and Service Tier

13:38 Azure, Cloud

When we are beginning to think of migrating our on-premises databases to Azure SQL, we have to decide on a proper purchase model, a service...
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Configuring Azure SQL Long-term Backup Retention

19:29 Azure, Cloud

Backup is the most important case for database administration because it provides business continuity solutions for high availability and...
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Azure SQL Geo-Replication and Failover Groups

16:51 Azure, Cloud

Azure SQL offers different types of business continuity solutions. One of these solutions is...
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