Tag: AWS

The AWS Secrets Manager

12:59 AWS, Cloud • 2 Comments

Problem Statement Keeping credentials and other sensitive data out of application code can be a...
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Introduction to Amazon QuickSight

10:31 AWS, Cloud, Tools & technologies

Nowadays, companies are moving their infrastructure from on-premise devices to the cloud. There are a few major cloud vendors like AWS,...
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Upload Files to AWS S3 with the AWS CLI

09:39 AWS, Cloud

Introduction Amazon Web Service, aka AWS, is a leading cloud infrastructure provider for storing your servers, applications, databases,...
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How to Auto-trigger AWS Lambda Functions

11:55 AWS, Cloud

When we think about a cloud solution provider, we often consider the most popular ones, i.e. Amazon...
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Introduction to Layers in AWS Lambda Functions

09:22 AWS, Cloud

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless cloud computing service provided by Amazon, a part of the Amazon Web Services. It responds to...
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Microsoft Azure Vs Amazon Web Services: What’s your Ultimate Choice?

01:02 AWS, Cloud

Have you heard the term cloud computing? Do you wish to try your hands on cloud platforms? Well, if you seem to be a newbie to this new...
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