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Top 3 Tips You Need to Know to Write Faster SQL Views

Database development, Views

Friend or foe? SQL Server views have been a subject of heated debates when I was in my first year...
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Parameter Sniffing Primer

Database development, Stored Procedures

Introduction Developers are often told to use stored procedures in order to avoid the so-called ad hoc queries which can result in...
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Compare Execution Plans in SQL Server

Database administration, Database Optimization & Structure

Database Administrator always makes an effort to tune SQL Server query performance. The first step in tuning query performance is to...
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Exploring SQL Server 2016 Query Store GUI

Database development, Statements

Introduction Query store is a new feature, introduced in SQL Server 2016, that allows database...
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SQL Server Database Scoped Configurations and Automatic Plan Correction

Automation, Database administration, Performance Tuning

In this article, we will examine Database Scoped Configurations and SQL Server 2017 Automatic Plan Correction. Microsoft added new features...
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T-SQL BEST Practices

Languages & Coding, T-SQL • 3 Comments

In this article, we will discover some best practices of T-SQL queries. Badly written queries can cause performance and I/O problems. For...
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SQL Server Trigger: Understanding and Alternatives

Database development, Triggers

The SQL Server trigger is a special type of stored procedures that is automatically executed when...
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Example of Improving Query Performance with Indexes

Database administration, Database development, Indexes, Oracle, Performance Tuning

In this article, we’ll look at how an index can improve the query performance. Indexes in Oracle and other databases are objects that...
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Implementing a Common MS SQL Server Performance Indicator

Database administration, Performance Tuning

Introduction There is often a need to create a performance indicator that would show database activity related to the previous period or...
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Missing Indexes in MS SQL or Optimization in no Time

Database administration, Database development, Database Optimization & Structure, Indexes • One Comment

When executing a query, the SQL Server optimizer tries to find the best query plan based on...
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