Stored Procedures

Stored Procedure to Get Database Tables Information

10:30 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we always take care of one of the most important things for the business, the...
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Stored Procedure to Get Indexes Status in All Databases

10:54 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we’ve heard that index structures can dramatically improve the performance of any given query (or set of queries)....
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WhoIsActive Runner

15:17 Database development, Stored Procedures

Nowadays, within the SQL Server DBA community, it is extremely likely that we use, or at the very least have heard of, the famous stored...
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How to Get SQL Server Statistics Information Using System Statistical Functions

13:05 Database administation, Database development, Database Optimization & Structure, Stored Procedures

Often, we need to gather system statistics regarding running SQL Server Instances, such as the...
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SQL Server RAISERROR Statement with Simple Examples

15:11 Database administation, Database development, Stored Procedures, Troubleshooting Issues

The SQL RAISERROR statement is used to send a custom message to the client application. It also can be used to debug the application and...
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Stored Procedure to Delete Duplicate Records in SQL Table

13:32 Database development, Stored Procedures, Tables

Sometimes during our run as DBAs, we come up across at least one table that is loaded with duplicate records. Even if the table has a...
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The Stored Procedure to Get the Instance Settings

13:01 Database development, Stored Procedures

SQL Server instances house databases containing the data for the backend stack of a business model,...
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Dynamic SQL Execution in SQL Server

09:56 Database development, Statements, Stored Procedures

Dynamic SQL is a statement constructed and executed at runtime, usually containing dynamically generated SQL string parts, input...
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A Dedicated Stored Procedure to Get the Latest Database Backups Status

09:08 Database development, Stored Procedures

Any SQL Server DBA (of course, this applies to all platforms) will agree that database backups are the most essential things for data...
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Renaming Indexes with sp_rename Procedure

12:56 Database development, Indexes, Stored Procedures

Not so long ago, I was working on a project where we needed to change the data type of a table. The...
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