The AWS Secrets Manager

Problem Statement

Keeping credentials and other sensitive data out of application code can be a challenge. AWS Secrets Manager is meant to help abstract these data points all wrapped in a single easy-to-use service.

You pay a small amount per secret ($0.40) and an additional ($0.05) fee for every 1,000 requests to get those secrets. The entire process is TLS encrypted, and the service keeps the secrets safe.

CodingSight - The AWS Secrets Manager
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Introduction to Amazon QuickSight

Nowadays, companies are moving their infrastructure from on-premise devices to the cloud. There are a few major cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and GCP that dominate the market shares.

When applications are deployed to the cloud, more and more data is generated daily. However, the humongous amount of data generated each minute has no value until these data are properly analysed. This brings us to the rise of Data Visualization tools allowing us to visualize large data.

CodingSight - Introduction to Amazon QuickSight
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