Computer Environment

Comparison of Tree Graphs

11:53 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

When developing an information system that also includes various processing of design and...
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Oracle as Workaround of Mutating Tables

13:47 Computer Environment, Database development, Tables

The Oracle mutating trigger error occurs when a trigger references the table that owns the trigger, resulting in the “ORA-04091:...
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Oracle Regular Expressions. Dangerous Range

15:25 Computer Environment, Database development, Statements

An Oracle developer who often uses regular expressions in code sooner or later can face a phenomenon that is indeed mystical. Long-term...
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How Generics save from Boxing

12:40 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

At the method input, we often perform a null test. Someone makes the test as a separate method, so...
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Modular WPF Application using Caliburn.Micro and Castle.Windsor

10:57 Computer Environment, Containers, Tools & technologies

To start with, I want to specify what is meant by a modular application in this article. So, a modular application will be considered an...
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Key Indicators of Problem Design

12:34 .NET, Computer Environment, Database administation, Troubleshooting Issues

The concept of good or bad design is relative. At the same time, there are some programming standards, which in most cases guarantee...
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Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern

15:13 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • 4 Comments

During numerous discussions about the applicability of the Repository pattern, I noticed that...
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Swashbuckle (Swagger) Customization for WebAPI

09:53 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

Who has ever tested their WebAPI knows such tools as Postman or Advanced REST (extensions for Chrome). These tools are convenient in every...
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DateTime to DateTimeOffset Transition

07:48 Basics of C#, Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

Imagine that you want to convert your system from one state to another. The initial state is when DateTime is used everywhere, both in C#...
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Simplifying Converters for WPF

11:30 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • 3 Comments

I have been working with WPF for about a year and some things annoying me very much. One of such...
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