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What is LINQ in C#? Why Do we Use it? Tutorial with Query Examples in LINQ to Objects

14:55 Basics of C#, Languages & Coding

Less is more – this is definitely true when it comes to object collections and LINQ queries....
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.NET – Tools for working with multithreading and asynchrony – Part 2

00:27 ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Tools & technologies

This article comprises the second part of my speech at the multithreading meetup. You can have a look at the first part here. In the first...
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.NET: Tools for working with multi-threading and asynchrony – Part 1

00:28 ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Tools & technologies

The need to do things in an asynchronous way – that is, dividing big tasks between multiple working units – was present long before the...
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New Features in Visual Studio 2019

23:50 Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

Microsoft has recently released the preview version of Visual Studio 2019. Like all previous...
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Resource Release in .NET Applications

15:03 ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding

In C#, there is one huge benefit, which is a drawback at the same time – an automatic garbage collection. With traditional desktop...
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Using Expressions to Filter Data of Database

14:36 Database administation, Work with data

I would like to start with a description of the problem that I encountered. There are entities in the database that need to be...
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What dangers can the update of .Net 4.6.1 to .Net 4.6.2 hide?

16:58 ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding

In this article, I would like to share a solution of unexpected problem occurred in one of the...
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Comparison of 6 Best Dependency Injection (DI) Inversion of Control (IoC) Containers

22:41 Containers, Tools & technologies

I have often questioned myself which IoC container would be suitable for this or that project best. Their performance is only one side of...
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Another Way to Localize Application

13:34 Languages & Coding

I would like to introduce a simple way to localize applications. I do not like the standard mechanism with resource assemblies for the...
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Generic Repository Pattern in Entity Framework

07:52 Frameworks, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

A Repository mediates between the domain and data mapping layers, acting like an in-memory domain...
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