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How to Use SQL Server T-SQL Function SUM: 5 Use Cases

09:43 Database development, Statements

The T-SQL SUM function is one of the fundamental functions. Its purpose is to calculate the sum of...
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SQL ORDER BY: The 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Sort Data Like a Pro

10:24 Database development, Statements

Ugly. That’s what unsorted data looks like. We make data easy for the eyes by sorting them. And that’s what SQL ORDER BY is for. Use...
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Overview of T-SQL PRINT Statement

09:57 Database development, Statements

PRINT statements are crucial in any programming language. They will allow the routine or program that you are running to dump some type of...
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Guide for CTE in SQL Server

11:31 Database development, Tables

The Common Table Expression aka CTE in SQL Server provides a temporary result set in T-SQL. You can...
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An Overview of the PRINT Statement in SQL Server

12:08 Database development, Statements

The SQL PRINT statement serves to display the user-defined message. For example, you are developing a script with T-SQL Loops, and you want...
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How to Round (UP/DOWN) in SQL Server – 5 Useful Tips

15:15 Database development, Statements

We’ve been taught to round numbers since we were kids. When you round off 1.15 to the nearest tenths, will it be 1.2 or 1.1? Using the...
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SQL Server Delete Statement: How to Remove One or Multiply Rows from the Table

16:23 Database development, Statements, Tables

The right application of the DELETE statement for data removal is crucial, and it involves lots of...
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CREATE TABLE MySQL vs T-SQL with Syntax Examples

10:43 Database development, Statements, T-SQL, Tables

Are you a T-SQL developer learning the basics of MySQL? Then, one of the things you might want to learn is MySQL CREATE TABLE statement....
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Difference Between DELETE and TRUNCATE Table in SQL Server

11:01 Database development, Statements, Tables

Many articles have been written to describe the difference between the SQL DELETE and SQL TRUNCATE statements. Moreover, it is one of the...
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Use Cases for SQL Server MERGE Statement: Syncing Online and History Tables

18:44 Database development, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

INTRODUCTION The SQL Server MERGE statement is an incredibly useful tool for carrying out DML...
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