Languages & Coding

Spark SQL – the Most Important Tool for a Big Data Engineer

10:44 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Understanding Spark SQL is extremely helpful for analyzing big data, especially when you’re...
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An Overview of PgAdmin Tool for Postgres

09:57 Code Management, Languages & Coding, Tools & technologies

The PgAdmin is a popular tool for the open-source database – Postgres or PostgreSQL. It provides various graphical user interfaces for...
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SQL Server JSON – Part 2

10:31 JSON, Languages & Coding

Introduction In the previous article, we covered the basics of JSON and showed how to use JSON in SQL Server, demonstrating these concepts...
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JSON for SQL Server. Part 1

14:25 JSON, Languages & Coding

In the last few years, JSON has positioned itself as a standard data exchange format between...
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XML Made Easy – LINQ to XML

10:35 ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Uncategorized

LINQ to XML is an in-memory XML programming interface that enables XML manipulation. Similar to the more traditional Document Object Model...
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Query JSON Data with SQL/JSON Functions & Autonomous Database

12:07 JSON, Languages & Coding

In the previous article, we worked on the Twitter Activity dataset in JSON format with the SQL Developer Web tool in Autonomous Database....
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Introducing LINQ to Entities

09:54 Basics of C#, Languages & Coding

When we think about querying databases, the first thing that pops to mind is usually some SQL...
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An Overview of Analytic Functions in PostgreSQL

11:57 Languages & Coding

Analytic functions are special kinds of pre-built functions that come with PostgreSQL by default. They allow you to execute a variety of...
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T-SQL Scripts to Monitor your Resource Pool Stats

11:06 Languages & Coding, T-SQL • One Comment

Imagine you have a business-critical MS SQL Server serving requests for both OLTP and some batch processing tasks, as data gets pulled by...
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Import JSON Data with SQL Developer Web into Autonomous Database

13:22 JSON, Languages & Coding

Twitter Activity provides loads of information for analysis. You can learn your target audience...
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