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Data Visualization in Microsoft Power BI

16:38 Business intelligence, Power BI, Work with data

Contents Introduction. How to create a table. How to create a Power BI pie chart. Creating a line...
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How to Load and Manage Data within Microsoft Power BI

10:09 Business intelligence, Power BI, Work with data

Contents: Introduction Importing data from Excel, SQL Server, and the Web. Importing data from Excel into Power BI. Importing websites into...
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Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

10:47 Business intelligence, Power BI

This article will help you get to grips with the basics of Power BI and what it has to offer as an analytics tool. Along the way, we’ll...
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Run Excel Macro using SSIS Script Task

15:06 Business intelligence, SSIS

When we export data from SQL server table to excel file by using SQL Server integration service...
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Export data from SQL Server to Excel and Text file via using SSIS package

13:41 Business intelligence, Database administation, SSIS, Work with data

While using the SSIS data flow, we can perform ETL task that can be used for data migration, data offloading, design and implementation of...
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