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SQL Server Triggers – Part 2 DDL & LOGON Triggers

14:26 Database development, Triggers

In SQL Server, triggers are database objects which will get executed whenever a triggering event...
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SQL Server Triggers: DML Triggers

11:20 Database development, Triggers

In SQL Server, triggers are database objects which get executed whenever a triggering event happens on the database or server. Triggers...
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What is SQL Server? (Definition, Versions, Editions)

16:37 Database administation, Database development

Excited? That’s how it feels to learn a new skill on your first day. It can also feel a bit overwhelming. You have lots of questions. You...
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How to Read and Interpret SQL Errors

07:30 Troubleshooting Issues

Error codes in SQL are generated by the server to provide information about what has gone wrong....
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SQL Server User-defined Functions

10:35 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure

User-defined functions in SQL Server (UDFs) are key objects that each developer should be aware of. Although they are very useful in many...
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WhoIsActive Runner

15:17 Database development, Stored Procedures

Nowadays, within the SQL Server DBA community, it is extremely likely that we use, or at the very least have heard of, the famous stored...
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How to Setup SQL Server on the Amazon RDS

12:13 AWS, Cloud, SSMS, Tools & technologies

SQL Server is one of the most popular databases used in modern applications. Over the past few...
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Introduction to Synonyms in SQL Server

12:19 Database administation, SQL Server, Work with data • One Comment

A synonyms in SQL Server are database objects that give an alternative name to the database objects existing locally or on the remote...
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Top-10 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Add-ins You Should Use in 2021

13:28 Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

If you deal with SQL infrastructure, especially Microsoft SQL Servers, you deal with SSMS. The SQL Server Management Studio is the default...
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SQL Server Transactional Replication Internals

15:06 Database administation, Transaction Log

SQL Server Transactional Replication is one of the most common Replication techniques used to...
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