Top-10 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Add-ins You Should Use in 2021

If you deal with SQL infrastructure, especially Microsoft SQL Servers, you deal with SSMS. The SQL Server Management Studio is the default choice for all professionals working with databases. It is not the only option, but it is the leader, backed by Microsoft and equipped with all the necessary SQL Server developer tools.

Still, even with all its advantages, SSMS is not perfection. It needs improvements as it often lacks the necessary or simply helpful functionality. Most SQL specialists inevitably get into situations where SSMS can’t do what they need. Or can’t do it how they want.

CodingSight - Top-10 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Add-ins You Should Use in 2021
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Simple SQL Server Functions to Solve Real-World Problems


Today’s article comes from a scenario we experienced in practice some time ago. We managed a card transaction system referred to as Postilion, and we had to update the data in a column containing IP addresses as part of the string with a new IP address. This was necessary because the IP address of the server hosting the solution would typically change due to switchover or the data restore to a UAT environment.

The data about the server was stored in the databases, and there was no way to update the same from the application without going row by row. Thus, we had to come up with an efficient solution using the LEN and SUBSTRING (or REPLACE) SQL Server functions.

CodingSight - Solving Real-World Problems with Simple SQL Server Functions
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Insert Column with a Default Value to SQL Server Table

To insert data into a table having columns with default constraints, we can use the DEFAULT constraint to a default value in a table. This article will cover the following aspects:

  • The DEFAULT constraint and required permission to create them
  • Adding a DEFAULT constraint while creating a new table.
  • Adding a DEFAULT constraint into an existing table.
  • Modifying and Viewing the constraint definition using T-SQL scripts and SSMS.
CodingSight - Insert Column with a Default Value to an Existing Table
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How to Automate Backend Processes in SQL Server Instance with Python

Automating backend processes in your SQL Server instance is a common task. Whether it is refreshing the statistics, rebuilding indexes, reading or deleting data, other programming frameworks integrating with the RDMS is extremely valuable. This article will consider these types of tasks specifically integrated with Python and various method modules available to do so.

CodingSight - SQL Server and Python
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Installing Ubuntu 18.04 for SQL Server 2019 on Virtual Machine Using VMware Workstation

Microsoft has been supporting SQL Server for Linux-based operating systems since the SQL Server 2017 release. The current article will focus on installing one of the popular Linux operating system Ubuntu 18.04 and describe the process step by step. The goal is to install the latest SQL Server 2019 on this operating system. We have to perform each step correctly to configure SQL Server 2019 in your production environment or set up your own lab.

CodingSight - Installing Ubuntu for SQL
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