SQL Server

SQL Server System Databases – MSDB Maintenance

09:17 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure, SQL Server

In the previous articles of the SQL Server System Databases series, we have gone through the System...
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SQL GROUP BY- 3 Easy Tips to Group Results Like a Pro

08:56 Database development, SQL Server, Statements

Grouping is an important feature that helps organize and arrange data. There are a lot of ways to do it, and one of the most effective...
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Understanding the Database Level Collation and Impact of Changing it for a Database

14:13 Database administation, SQL Server, Work with data • One Comment

When you develop an application or write a code in the SQL database system, it is crucial to understand how data will be sorted and...
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10 SP_EXECUTESQL Gotchas to Avoid for Better Dynamic SQL

12:37 SQL Server • One Comment

Do you know how powerful a tool like dynamic SQL can be? Use it the wrong way, and you can allow...
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SQL Server Transactional Replication Configuration

13:12 Database administation, SQL Server, Transaction Log • One Comment

Transactional Replication in SQL Server is one of the most commonly used Replication techniques to copy or distribute data across multiple...
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A Simple Use Case for Indexes on Primary Keys

17:13 Database administation, Database development, Indexes, Perfomance Tuning, SQL Server • 3 Comments

Introduction Recently we encountered an interesting performance problem on one of our SQL Server databases that process transactions at a...
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Introduction to Synonyms in SQL Server

12:19 Database administation, SQL Server, Work with data • One Comment

A synonyms in SQL Server are database objects that give an alternative name to the database objects...
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Use Cases for SQL Server MERGE Statement: Syncing Online and History Tables

18:44 Database development, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

INTRODUCTION The SQL Server MERGE statement is an incredibly useful tool for carrying out DML operations based on comparing two tables or...
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DevOps Solutions for Database Development Automation

03:29 Programming, SQL Server

What is DevOps? Database DevOps is a philosophy that comprises the following concepts: automating the development, deployment,...
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Dynamic SQL vs Stored Procedure

15:53 SQL Server

Dynamic SQL and stored procedures are two of the most important components of SQL Server. In this...
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