dbForge Edge: Your Best Universal Tool for Multidatabase Challenges

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tools & technologies

Handling several database management systems simultaneously is inevitable in working on multiple...
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PgAdmin GUI client for PostgreSQL: Comprehensive Overview

Code Management, Languages & Coding, PostgreSQL, Tools & technologies

The PgAdmin is a popular tool for the open-source database – Postgres or PostgreSQL. It provides various graphical user interfaces for...
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Drop Temp Table in SQL Server and PostgreSQL

Database development, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

This article explains different ways to drop the temp table in SQL Server and PostgreSQL. As the name suggests, temporary tables are used...
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An Overview of Analytic Functions in PostgreSQL

Languages & Coding, PostgreSQL

Analytic functions are special kinds of pre-built functions that come with PostgreSQL by default....
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Connecting a Bastion Server to a PostgreSQL Server via SSH Tunnel

Database administration, PostgreSQL, Security

PostgreSQL is a well-known relational database management system that boasts a secure environment for developers and users. But as remote...
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9 Best Practices for Writing SQL Queries

Database administration, Database development, MySQL, Oracle, Performance Tuning, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Statements

If you are reading this article, most probably, you are already familiar with SQL. You know how to write basic SQL queries. There are many...
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Virtual Columns and Functional Indexes

Database development, Indexes, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tables

Much too often, we see poorly written complex SQL queries running against the database tables. Such...
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Structured Query Language – Importance of learning SQL

Database administration, Database development, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server • One Comment

Computer programming language is a set of detailed instructions for computers or machines for performing specific actions. Through a...
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Query Optimization in PostgreSQL. EXPLAIN Basics – Part 3

Database administration, Performance Tuning, PostgreSQL

I continue a series of articles on the basics of EXPLAIN in PostgreSQL, which is a short review of Understanding EXPLAIN by Guillaume...
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Query Optimization in PostgreSQL. EXPLAIN Basics – Part 2

Database development, PostgreSQL, Statements

In my previous article, we started to describe the basics of the EXPLAIN command and analyzed what...
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