What is a Materialized View and Why Should you Use It?

10:28 Database development, Views • One Comment

As data volumes continue to increase, more developers look towards materialized views to process...
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MySQL Create View, Replace View and Drop View Statements with Examples

17:15 Database development, Statements, Views

An SQL view is a virtual table or a result-set generated by the SELECT query. Unlike physical tables, views do not store data in a...
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Top 3 Tips You Need to Know to Write Faster SQL Views

13:37 Database development, Views

Friend or foe? SQL Server views have been a subject of heated debates when I was in my first year using SQL Server. They said it was bad...
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Views in SQL Server

14:26 Database development, Views

Introduction A view in SQL Server is a virtual table-like structure based on the result-set of an...
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Main Usage of sys.dm_os_wait_stats

16:14 Database administation, Database development, Troubleshooting Issues, Views

As you know, the main responsibility of the database administrator lies in the monitoring of the SQL Server performance and intervening in...
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SQL Server TempDB Monitoring by Using Dynamic Management Views (DMV)

14:58 Database development, Views

What is TempDB in MS SQL Server? TempDB is a system database in Microsoft SQL Server used as a store of internal objects, row versions,...
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