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Best FREE SQL Server Tools for Database Developers and Administrators!

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This article has recently been extensively revised. In particular, we reworked the article...
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dbForge Edge: Your Best Universal Tool for Multidatabase Challenges

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tools & technologies

Handling several database management systems simultaneously is inevitable in working on multiple projects. At the same time, each system...
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How to Connect MySQL Workbench to MariaDB

MySQL, Tools & technologies

To use MySQL Workbench as a GUI for MariaDB? If you’re filled with disbelief right now, you’re not alone. Though Michael...
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PgAdmin GUI client for PostgreSQL: Comprehensive Overview

Code Management, Languages & Coding, PostgreSQL, Tools & technologies

The PgAdmin is a popular tool for the open-source database – Postgres or PostgreSQL. It provides...
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Install and Configure XAMPP Software on Windows Server 2019

Database development, Tools & technologies

XAMPP is a cross-platform web server used to develop and test programs and web applications, created by the Apache friends organization....
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What is AWS Athena?

AWS, Cloud, Tools & technologies

AWS Athena is a fully managed, popular cloud service provided by Amazon to query structured data in S3. It allows users to write custom SQL...
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The Importance of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Database administration, Tools & technologies, Work with data

Any SQL Server DBA, Developer, or end-user always needs a client tool to connect to SQL Server and...
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Introduction to Amazon QuickSight

AWS, Cloud, Tools & technologies

Nowadays, companies are moving their infrastructure from on-premise devices to the cloud. There are a few major cloud vendors like AWS,...
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How to Setup SQL Server on the Amazon RDS

AWS, Cloud, SSMS, Tools & technologies

SQL Server is one of the most popular databases used in modern applications. Over the past few decades, it has established itself as a...
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Oracle Data Integrator: A Tutorial Guide to Get Google’s Financial Service Data

Oracle, Tools & technologies

RESTful API is a popular protocol for exchanging data between different applications and systems...
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