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Overview of T-SQL PRINT Statement

09:57 Database development, Statements

PRINT statements are crucial in any programming language. They will allow the routine or program...
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T-SQL Stuff Command

08:45 Database development, Statements

The main idea around the SQL Server function called STUFF is concatenating multiple columns into a single column with more flexibility than...
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Managing your MS SQL Replication

10:54 Database administation, Transaction Log

Replication is one of the oldest technologies on MS SQL Server, loved by every database administrator. It is a great and reliable...
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Clustered and Non Clustered Index: 7 Top Points Explained

12:46 Database development, Indexes • One Comment

Indexes are speed-boosters in SQL databases. They can be clustered or non-clustered. But what...
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MySQL UPDATE: Top 5 Tips for T-SQL Developers

10:48 Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

Are you adding MySQL to your list of database skillsets? Then MySQL UPDATE statement is one of the commands you need to learn. We are...
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TOP 5 MySQL Delete Syntax with Tips for T-SQL Developers

12:12 Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

Our journey to MySQL started with CREATE TABLE followed by INSERT. Today, we are proceeding to the MySQL DELETE statement....
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How to Rename a Table Name in SQL Server

10:56 Database development, SSMS, Stored Procedures, Tables

One of the most critical database administrator’s duties is managing database objects. For...
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Top 5 Facts to Find and Replace SQL Texts in SQL Server with REPLACE Function

10:07 Database development, Statements, Work with data

Today’s code editors and word processors come with a search and replace feature. It is helpful when you need to change a word or a...
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MySQL Insert Command vs T-SQL Query Syntax with Examples

15:55 Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

Developers are lifelong students. Gaining new knowledge as fast as we can is always our gig. If you’re coming from the T-SQL camp,...
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SQL Server Delete Statement: How to Remove One or Multiply Rows from the Table

16:23 Database development, Statements, Tables

The right application of the DELETE statement for data removal is crucial, and it involves lots of...
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