How AI Will Change Software Development and Testing

Automation, Database development, Testing

Artificial intelligence is the fuel for what we know as the fifth industrial revolution. Its...
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Automate Database Test Restore in SQL Server

Automation, Database administration, Testing

This article talks about automating the database restoration process which is often done manually by the DBA or the infrastructure team...
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Simplifying Unit Testing Main Stored Procedure Which Also Calls a Utility Procedure

Database development, Stored Procedures, Testing

This article provides a walkthrough of database unit testing a stored procedure which contains a utility procedure within it. In this...
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Art of Isolating Dependencies and Data in Database Unit Testing

Database administration, Database development, Testing, Work with data

All the database developers more or less write database unit tests that not only help in detecting...
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Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project

Database development, Testing

The article “Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern” raised several questions, which are very difficult to...
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Why Using Unit Tests is a Great Investment into High-Quality Architecture

Database development, Testing • 2 Comments

I have decided to write this article in order to show that unit tests are not only a tool to grapple with regression in the code but is...
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