Implementing OOP Inheritance in Classes that work with SQL and Entity Framework

12:49 Classes, Frameworks, Languages & Coding

This article is about creating a data model that would nicely fit SQL and contain...
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Steps to Reduce Code Size after Use of Strategy Pattern

09:38 Classes, Code Management, Languages & Coding

This article features a few tricks to reduce the size of the code resulting from the use of the ‘strategy’ pattern. As you can deduce...
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StringBuilder: the Past and the Future

17:49 Classes, Languages & Coding

In the previous article, I elaborated on peculiarities of string concatenation. In this article, I would like to consider the StringBuilder...
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Under the Hood of Stopwatch

16:04 Classes, Languages & Coding

Introduction As all developers, I often need to measure the execution time of my own (and not only...
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Effective Use of Classes in .NET

11:15 Classes, Languages & Coding

When you need to learn a programming language, you buy a book. From books, we learn basics of the language and how to program, but this is...
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