Learn to Use Time Intelligence in Power BI

Time intelligence is a smart way of analyzing time period-based data, such as sales according to dates, using built-in time intelligence functions of Power BI. It is one of the most convenient ways because it eliminates the need to spend time on developing specialized solutions for your team.  

The current article will focus on applying Time Intelligence in Power BI reports and dashboards. Additionally, it will share some professional tips.

CodingSight - Learn to Use Time Intelligence in Power BI
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Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and Autonomous Database

Power BI Desktop is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It offers interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface, letting the end-users create reports and dashboards.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) is a fully managed and high-performance solution, turned and optimized for Data Warehouse workload. It means you don’t need to take more effort and resources (DBA role) to manage the database and optimize the workload.

The current article describes the process of creating a Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and data hosted in Oracle Autonomous Database.

CodingSight - Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and Autonomous Database
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How to Create the Date Table in Power BI

The time intelligence functions for the data models or databases running behind a Power BI report are really helpful. To make the most use of them, we can create a Date table on the Power BI desktop.

This article focuses on the steps required to perform this task. Also, it highlights the importance of having such Date tables for authoring the Power business intelligence (BI) reports to work as the output of a fully functional data warehouse BI solution.

CodingSight - Date Table in Power BI
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SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) – Traditional Tools and Technologies

If Business Intelligence (BI) is in your focus, you need two things to be a success. They are the knowledge and tools. If you target the SQL Server BI, you can benefit from the tools and technologies offered by Microsoft for this case particularly.

The current article highlights these tools and technologies. We are going to explore how they work to design Microsoft-based BI solutions and clarify why it is so crucial to use the using proven tools for serving the BI needs of an organization.

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How to Easily Get Data from Web Source Using Power BI Rest API Calls

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization and analytics tool which lets you create powerful visualizations with a graphical user interface. It can use a variety of data sources such as CSV, TSV, and other flat files, SQL databases, and even online sources through Rest APIs.

This article explains the usage of Rest API as a data source to import JSON data in Power BI from a remote location. Also, we’ll learn how to transform the imported JSON data into a tabular format. Finally, we’ll plot visualizations using the imported data.

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Power BI REST API No Code Options for Easy Data and Reports Download

Microsoft’s Power BI REST API no-code option is extremely helpful as it allows calling Power BI REST API without writing a single line of code. Of course, you can call it programmatically using any programming language. Still, testing if Power BI Rest APIs are accepting requests and returning the right data, it is convenient to use the no-code options first. This article will explain how to do that.

CodingSight - Power BI REST API No Code Options
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