Install SQL Server 2019 Ubuntu Linux Server Step by step

After exploring the processes of building a virtual machine to install Ubuntu Linux 18.04 there, and installing this OS in practice, we come to the primary goal. It is installing the SQL Server instance on our new Ubuntu Linux. If you don’t have the OS in question installed and configured yet, do it, following the step-by-step guideline in the previous article about installing Ubuntu 18.04 on a virtual machine. Now we can proceed to the task of installing SQL Server 2019 in that environment.

CodingSight - Installing Ubuntu on Linux
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How to install MySQL Server on Ubuntu 18.04 in 2 Different Ways

This article will present the step-by-step installation process of the MySQL server on Ubuntu. For demonstration purposes, I created a virtual machine using Oracle VM virtual box and set up Ubuntu 18.04 on the virtual box. I’d recommend you referring to the article Creating a Virtual Machine with Oracle VM Virtual Box for a better understanding of the installing process and creating a virtual machine on Oracle VM virtual box. Also, you may turn to the article How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 for more information about installing Ubuntu 18.04 on the virtual machine.

CodingSight - A Quick Guide on Installing MySQL on Ubuntu
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How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 and SQL Server 2019 on Linux

The previous article explained the creation of a virtual machine using Oracle VM Virtual machine. Now, we will learn how to install Ubuntu 18.04 and SQL Server 2019 on Linux.

Install Ubuntu Linux

First, we need an operating system ISO file. Once the file is downloaded, we mount it on a virtual disk drive:

Launch Oracle VM Virtual Machine Manager and right-click on LinuxSQL01. Then click Settings.

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Сreating a Virtual Machine With Oracle VM Virtual Box

Microsoft announced cross-platform support of SQL Server – the SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2019 work on Microsoft Windows and Linux. We can install SQL Server 2017 and higher on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, and SUSE Enterprise Server. We can also set up high availability and disaster recovery mechanism for SQL Server on Linux like SQL Server Log shipping and AlwaysOn Availability Group.

CodingSight - Сreating a Virtual Machine With Oracle VM Virtual Box
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SQL Server 2019 New Features

SQL Server 2019

Microsoft’s leading database is an essential tool, with in-cloud and on-premises versions providing incredible storage and analytic tools. It’s additionally turned into an essential application for data scientists, giving a structure to building and testing machine learning models. There is more in SQL Server, and the new release version can indicate where Microsoft thinks your data needs will go over the next few years.

Like all the previous versions, the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 latest version is also jam-packed with new features and capabilities. It will help organizations evaluate and test relational data with multiple integrations of various software. By creating a simplified view of data, users can have a comprehensive view of information.

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Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine – PART2

After reading this article, you will be able to the following:

  1. Create a Linux Docker container using the Docker commands.
  2. Perform required configuration change to setup Docker.
  3. Install DBFS FUSE and related dependent packages.
  4. Mount the file-system and data extraction procedures using the configuration file.
  5. Run DBFS program to run custom SQL queries.
  6. Push Docker container image to GitHub repository.
  7. And more…

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Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine- PART1

This article is intended for database administrators and system administrators who plan to configure the DBFS FUSE file-system on a Linux machine using the Docker containers. I would recommend reading the previous articles “Introduction to Docker and Docker toolbox” and “Docker and SQL Server on Linux”. This article assumes that the reader has a rough knowledge of the Docker Containers and SQL Server. Read More

Docker and SQL Server on Linux

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history simply because of the freedom that it gives to install the product anywhere. The advent of the Docker containers and growing emphasis on open source solutions opened the door to greater technological innovation and advancement.

This article discusses the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Docker container
  2. Pre-requisite to build Docker container
  3. A walkthrough of the setup process to build a SQL Server instance running on the Linux CentOS and in a Docker container
  4. How to connect to the database engine
  5. How to connect to the database engine externally
  6. And more…

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Getting Started with Mssql-cli Command-Line Query Tool

A recent announcement on the release of several SQL Server tools has raised expectations across various groups. Product requirements and business are almost always a trade-off, and striking the right balance in a product in terms of the toolset is a sign of a successful product. After testing the SQL Operations Studio, I feel that it’s a promising tool for many developers, administrators, and DevOps specialists. In my opinion, the mssql-cli tool adds another feature to SQL Server in order to make it a leading database product.

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