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How to Use SQL SUM Function

10:01 Database development, Statements

SQL is a powerful and widely-used programming language for data storage, retrieval, and...
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SQL UNION Cheat Sheet with 10 Easy and Useful Tips

13:00 Database development, Statements

Having a hard time with SQL UNION? It happens if the results you combined put your SQL Server into a standstill. Or a report that’s been...
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Using Alerts and Operators in SQL Server

02:06 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure, Security

Introduction With all the advancements in SQL Server and data, it feels great that such native SQL tools as Alerts and Operators are still...
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T-SQL Regular Expression: LIKE Operator and Its Use-Cases

02:45 Languages & Coding, T-SQL • One Comment

A Regular Expression (Regex) is a rule defining how characters can appear in an expression. In...
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T-SQL SET Operators Part 2: INTERSECT and EXCEPT

02:58 Database development, Statements, T-SQL

In my previous article, I explained the basics of set operators, their types, and prerequisites for their use. I also talked about UNION...
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Basic and Complex Uses of Not Equal Comparison Operator in T-SQL

00:15 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

This article is focused on the T-SQL Not Equal comparison operator (<>) and its uses in basic to slightly complicated SQL scripting...
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T-SQL SET Operators Part 1: UNION and UNION ALL

02:18 Languages & Coding, T-SQL • One Comment

In SQL Server, we can combine the same type of data from multiple tables using SET operators. After...
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17:23 Database development, Statements

In this article, we’ll look into the “APPLY” operator and its variations – CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY along with examples of...
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