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Spark SQL – the Most Important Tool for a Big Data Engineer

10:44 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Understanding Spark SQL is extremely helpful for analyzing big data, especially when you’re...
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How to Use Array Functionality in SQL Server?

15:08 Database administation, Work with data

Have you ever been asked about creating arrays in SQL Server? Processing an array of values inside a procedure/ function is a common...
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Everything You Need to Know About SQL CTE in One Spot

16:35 Database development, Tables

The first time Karl heard of SQL Server CTE was when he was looking for something to make his SQL code easier for the eye. It’s kind...
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Add Columns to an Existing Table in SQL Server Database

19:30 Database development, Tables

Introduction A table is a two-dimensional logical structure and the fundamental means of storing...
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Handling the NULL Values Effectively with the SQL COALESCE Function for Beginners

15:35 Database development, Statements, Tables

This article aims to help beginners understand the basics of the T-SQL COALESCE function and its application for handling NULL values....
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Using CASE Expressions in SQL Server

18:25 Database development, Statements

Introduction CASE Expressions in SQL Server are used for the column values substitution to present the result sets in a particular fashion...
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Welcome Back the T-SQL Debugger with SQL Complete – SQL Debugger

11:47 Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

When you develop large chunks of T-SQL code with the help of the SQL Server Management Studio tool,...
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Data Visualization in Microsoft Power BI

16:38 Business intelligence, Power BI, Work with data

Contents Introduction. How to create a table. How to create a Power BI pie chart. Creating a line chart in Power BI. Report creation....
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How to Load and Manage Data within Microsoft Power BI

10:09 Business intelligence, Power BI, Work with data

Contents: Introduction Importing data from Excel, SQL Server, and the Web. Importing data from Excel into Power BI. Importing websites into...
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Learn to Perform Product Analysis with SQL Server Full-Text Search. Part 2

16:25 Database administation, Search

This article is dedicated to a slightly more complex product analysis with Full-Text Search as...
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