Author: Dmitry Pilugin

Dmitry Pilugin is a SQL Server DB developer from Russia, Moscow. He works with a SQL Server for more than ten years. Most of the time he was involved as a developer of corporate information systems based on SQL Server data platform. Currently he works as a database developer lead, responsible for the development of production databases in the media research company. He is also an occasional speaker at various community events and tech conferences. Favorite topic to present is Query Processor and any things related to it. Dmitry is a Data Platform Microsoft MVP since 2014.


Database administration, Performance Tuning

One of the available algorithms to join two tables together in SQL Server is Nested Loops. The...
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New Query Hints Including USE HINT in SQL Server 2016 SP

Languages & Coding, T-SQL

This article is an introduction to the query hint overview that appeared in SQL Server 2016 SP1. There are many different thoughts on using...
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What Can Query Plan Tell?

Database development, Statements

Introduction SQL query describes the expected result, not the way to get the result. The set of specific steps the server must take to...
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