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Oracle Live SQL: Pros and Cons, and What You Miss Out if You Don’t Try It

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Oracle Live SQL is a new feature in Oracle Database 12c that allows the developers to easily create and run SQL scripts against Oracle databases. It is suitable for quick code demos, debugging, and troubleshooting. In general, it is an easier way for those who are teaching or demonstrating SQL, PL/SQL, or another function to use Oracle.

The good thing about Oracle Live SQL is that it works with any database on the platform (not just Oracle), so the choice is up to you.

The tool is web-based. It lets you run queries and demos in an Oracle environment without the need for a full setup. You can access it from anywhere, it doesn’t require any extra configuration or permission granting, and saves time by removing all the “setup” work from teaching sessions.

Some statements used in this environment:

Statements used in Oracle Live

More Details about Oracle Live SQL

Oracle live SQL is a new way to execute and monitor SQL statements. It allows you to see the execution plan of your query in real time, without having to wait for it to finish running. You can also check if your indexes are used properly, and which ones need attention. In addition, Oracle Live SQL lets you do some more advanced queries, such as string search using RegExp or wildcards ( * ).

This new technology allows you to edit your live data while querying it. This means that the changes you make are automatically reflected in the database.

You can query and modify data simultaneously without having to wait for round-trip results. You don’t have to manually update what’s already been processed with an update statement or undo operation.

Here’s what more you can do with Oracle:

  • Live edit your database without having to rebuild it
  • Monitor database changes in real time with instant notifications of any type of change, such as table deletions or additions
  • Track changes made by other users and check what they were doing at the time.

Oracle SQL Live Basic Features

Oracle Live SQL is a tool that has been designed to provide insights into the data of your company. It helps you gain visibility into all your different data sources, and then it allows you to query those databases using powerful SQL-based queries.

This Oracle tool can be used in many ways, but one of the most common purposes is finding errors in your database or trying to find information missing from a particular set of data.

Oracle Live SQL Basic Features

Advanced Features

Oracle Live SQL is a web-based data exploration and visualization tool that allows developers and business analysts to process live, transactional data in real time.

It helps users create interactive dashboards with charts, graphs, maps, and text summaries on their screens in seconds using pre-built widgets or templates. Also, it provides rich analytic capabilities, such as analytics for forecasting and predictive modeling, by integrating the following packages: OLAP Services, Data Mining Extension (DMX), Data Visual Extensions (DMX), and so on.

Oracle Live SQL Advantages

Oracle Live SQL is a product that enables business intelligence to be delivered on-demand. Companies can provide information at any time and in any format.

For example, if someone wants a monthly report for the past year, they could ask for it without having to wait until next month when the data would normally be published. Moreover, the tool eliminates many of restrictions that come with an OLAP tool, such as limitations on the number of users or dimensions used in analyses.

Oracle Live SQL can be used to execute SQL statements, explore data in tables and views, create and edit stored procedures, run batch jobs, and schedule job profiles. It is superior to many other tools:

  1. You can see the results of your queries right away.
  2. An all-inclusive package is available for Windows or Linux users and easy to install.
  3. The software is free for personal use (but pay attention to the restrictions).


Oracle Corporation has developed its new product, Oracle Live SQL, to provide users with an interactive tool for running queries against Oracle databases. The most common use is testing the databases by creating and executing different queries. You can also use it to teach new employees how certain functions work or to demonstrate issues in production environments.

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