Multicast Transformation in SSIS: Simplify Export of Data to Excel and SQL Server Simultaneously (with Example)

In professional work scenarios, we often need to load data from one report to several destinations, such as Excel files and SQL databases. One of the ways to accomplish this is using an Multicast Transformation in SSIS which accepts the data input and splits it into several outputs, creating logical data copies. As a result, you get several result copies to apply them to different purposes.

The current article clarifies the steps of gathering information, identifying problems, and designing the solution initial phase. Note that the material is meant for users with some backgrounds. It is desirable to be familiar with the SQL Server work, T-SQL scripting, and dedicated tools. You may refer to the following articles for details:

CodingSight - Sending Report Data to Excel and SQL Database using Multicast Transformation in SSIS Packages
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