Handling the NULL Values Effectively with the SQL COALESCE Function for Beginners

This article aims to help beginners understand the basics of the T-SQL COALESCE function and its application for handling NULL values. Additionally, the readers will get hands-on experience by implementing some simple examples of this function.

We’ll also highlight the importance of T-SQL functions in resolving database analytical problems.

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Top Answers to 5 Burning Questions on COALESCE Function in SQL Server

How cool is COALESCE function in SQL?

It’s cool enough to be so important to me. And I’ll be more than happy to hire a new guy who doesn’t have a bad habit of ignoring the goal of COALESCE. That includes other expressions and functions for handling similar situations.

Today, you will find the answers to the five most-asked questions about SQL COALESCE expression. One of these is being debated over and over again.

Shall we begin?

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