How CTE Can Aid In Writing Complex, Powerful Queries: A Performance Perspective

We often see poorly written complex SQL queries running against a table or tables in databases. Those queries make the time of execution very long and cause consuming huge CPU and other resources. Still, complex queries provide valuable information to the application/person running them in many cases. Therefore, they are useful assets in all varieties of applications.

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Using CASE Expressions in SQL Server


CASE Expressions in SQL Server are used for the column values substitution to present the result sets in a particular fashion or simple queries. Use cases for such commands are various.

For instance, there is a column containing the department code, but you wish to display the department’s name rather than the code. You could achieve it by doing a JOIN with another table containing the department details. However, let’s assume you want to keep the query relatively simple. Another use case would be returning specific values for the computed values set. Computed columns would not fit if the sets of conditions to specify are not the same.

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