Tag: sql server tables

Stored Procedure to Get Database Tables Information

10:30 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we always take care of one of the most important things for the business, the...
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Different Ways to View Tables in MySQL Server

10:54 Database development, Tables

There are two primary methods to view the tables in MySQL: The MYSQL SHOW TABLES command. Querying the Information_schema.tables table. In...
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Stored Procedure to Delete Duplicate Records in SQL Table

13:32 Database development, Stored Procedures, Tables

Sometimes during our run as DBAs, we come up across at least one table that is loaded with duplicate records. Even if the table has a...
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How to Create a Table with Multiple Foreign Keys and Not Get Confused

08:52 Constraints, Database development, Tables

Understanding Table Relations SQL server adds foreign keys to implement relations between tables in...
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Moving SQL Server Table to Different Filegroup

12:37 Database development, Tables

Introduction A table is a logical structure. When you create a table, you typically would not care which drives it sits on at the storage...
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