Tag: version control

Git Tips & Best Practices for Beginners

10:34 Database development, Source control

Without a version control system, it’s next to impossible to manage the source code. ...
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Tracking Database Changes Using Working Folder Source Control

14:25 Database development, Source control

This article talks about a new method to version control a database using a working folder so that historical changes made to the database...
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Using Working Folder to Source Control Database

15:00 Database development, Source control

This article is a walkthrough of how to use the working folder option of source control for managing SQL Server databases. In this article,...
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Git: A Modern Approach to Code Management

19:18 Code Management, Tools & technologies

In this article, I would like to share my knowledge and experience of working with git. The main...
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Deploying Database from Source Control

06:55 Database development, Source control

These days, development teams start new projects from choosing a version control system. There are many benefits of source control systems...
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