Tracking Database Changes Using Working Folder Source Control

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This article talks about a new method to version control a database using a working folder so that historical changes made to the database can be traced back.


Since this article is based on the new approach to source control a database by overcoming the working folder limitation, it is better to get some basic understanding of the working folder and related things.

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Using Working Folder to Source Control Database

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This article is a walkthrough of how to use the working folder option of source control for managing SQL Server databases.

In this article, I am also underlining some of the benefits and limitations of using a working folder as compared to other available options to use with source control.

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Deploying Database from Source Control

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These days, development teams start new projects from choosing a version control system. There are many benefits of source control systems in coordinating the efforts of the development team. It ensures a complete audit trail of all changes to the code and allows the team to reproduce any specific revision or build. Along with the programming code, databases can and should be placed under source control. In this article, we will have a look at how to deploy a database that is in the remote repository. Read More