Author: Alejandro Cobar

Alejandro Cobar is a multi-platform DBA (with a stronger focus in SQL Server), with a passion to automate stuff as much as possible to make things work for the greater good. He began his professional journey as a developer (a bit more than 10 years ago) and has been going back and forth with DBA roles as well, being the latter the one he has mostly developed throughout the years. He also has several Microsoft SQL Server Certifications that have helped him go even further on his skills as a SQL Server Database Administrator.

Stored Procedure to Get Server Storage Information in Server

11:24 Database administation, Memory Optimization

As popular as the cloud services are nowadays, there’s still a good chunk of on-premises...
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Stored Procedure to Get Database Tables Information

10:30 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we always take care of one of the most important things for the business, the data. In some cases, applications can get...
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Stored Procedure to Get Indexes Status in All Databases

10:54 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we’ve heard that index structures can dramatically improve the performance of any given query (or set of queries)....
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WhoIsActive Runner

15:17 Database development, Stored Procedures

Nowadays, within the SQL Server DBA community, it is extremely likely that we use, or at the very...
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Stored Procedure to Delete Duplicate Records in SQL Table

13:32 Database development, Stored Procedures, Tables

Sometimes during our run as DBAs, we come up across at least one table that is loaded with duplicate records. Even if the table has a...
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The Stored Procedure to Get the Instance Settings

13:01 Database development, Stored Procedures

SQL Server instances house databases containing the data for the backend stack of a business model, or configuration data for particular...
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A PowerShell Tool to Get the Status of SQL Agent Jobs

09:48 Languages & Coding, PowerShell, Tools & technologies

From a certain point in my career, I started to play around with PowerShell. But I never imagined...
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A Dedicated Stored Procedure to Get the Latest Database Backups Status

09:08 Database development, Stored Procedures

Any SQL Server DBA (of course, this applies to all platforms) will agree that database backups are the most essential things for data...
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MS SQL Server on Linux vs Windows Performance Test to Spot the Difference

11:11 Database administation, Perfomance Tuning

Since the release of SQL Server 2017 for Linux, Microsoft has pretty much changed the entire game. It enabled a whole new world of...
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Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in SQL Server in an AlwaysOn Availability Group on Example

14:24 Availability Groups, Database administation

Availability Groups are fantastic for High Availability/Disaster Recovery solutions, and I’m sure...
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