Author: Aleksandr Goida

Comparison of 6 Best Dependency Injection (DI) Inversion of Control (IoC) Containers

Containers, Tools & technologies

I have often questioned myself which IoC container would be suitable for this or that project best....
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Replacement of Algorithm Testing with Testing of Effects Being Inserted

Languages & Coding, Testing

As I expected, Rule 8 from the article “Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project” stating that we don’t need to test the...
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Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project

Database development, Testing

The article “Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern” raised several questions, which are very difficult to...
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More about Introduction of Time zones in long-lived Project

Database administration, Troubleshooting Issues • 3 Comments

Some time ago, we started to adapt the system to the new market that requires support for time...
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Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern

Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • 4 Comments

During numerous discussions about the applicability of the Repository pattern, I noticed that people are divided into two groups. In this...
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Swashbuckle (Swagger) Customization for WebAPI

Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

Who has ever tested their WebAPI knows such tools as Postman or Advanced REST (extensions for Chrome). These tools are convenient in every...
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DateTime to DateTimeOffset Transition

Basics of C#, Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

Imagine that you want to convert your system from one state to another. The initial state is when...
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