Author: Andrey Langovoy

Andrey Langovoy is a team leader at Devart. He takes part in development and testing database management tools for SQL Server, writes articles about SQL Server and contributes to open source projects, MSDN and MDN.

Everything you should know about SQL Server JOINS

18:55 Database administation, Work with data

The focus of this article is going to be on utilizing JOINs. We will start off by talking a bit...
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Creating and Accessing In-Memory OLTP Databases and Tables

15:44 Database administation, Memory Optimization

This is the second article in a series of articles about SQL Server In-Memory OLTP. The introductory article — SQL Server In-Memory OLTP,...
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SQL Server In-Memory OLTP: The Basics

13:14 Database administation, Memory Optimization

This is the first article in a series of articles about In-Memory OLTP. It helps you to understand how the new Hekaton engine works...
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Deploying Database from Source Control

06:55 Database development, Source control

These days, development teams start new projects from choosing a version control system. There are...
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JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

17:18 JSON, Languages & Coding

SQL Server 2016 provides the built-in support for importing, exporting, parsing, and querying JSON documents or fragments. In this article,...
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Query Performance Insight: Discovering What Consumes Resources of Your Azure SQL Database?

13:29 Azure, Cloud, Database administation, Perfomance Tuning

In this post, I’d like to take a brief look at the Query Performance Insight — SQL Azure tool which will help you to identify the most...
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EFFECTIVE CODE REVIEW: Uprooting Source Code Defects

11:15 Code Management, Tools & technologies

Preface In software development, a small coding error can result in a critical vulnerability that...
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SQL Server Database Backup Encryption

15:55 Database administation, Security

To manage the data security that has been backed up by the file system as a database backup files, SQL Server provides the backup...
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JavaScript Recipes: A Problem-Solution Article

11:37 Basics of JavaScript, Languages & Coding

Why reinvent the wheel every time you run into a problem with JS? This article is chock-full of code recipes that address common...
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Javascript Closures

11:09 Basics of JavaScript, Languages & Coding

Closures in Javascript are (internal or nested) functions that refer to (outer) independent...
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